piraeusintlNamed after Piraeus, the main port of Athens, Greece, Piraeus Clothing Store was founded in 1957. Originally located in what is now known as Fells Point in Baltimore, Maryland, the core of the business began supplying ships in the Port of Baltimore with necessities ranging from clothes and ship supplies. Merchant Seamen, at sea for up to a year, would purchase items and take them back to home to their families abroad.  This is what began the term known as ' Baggage Trade '.


In 1987, 'Piraeus International, Inc., also named after the largest Greek Port,  began to specialize in packing and loading personal effects for US exporters bound for overseas. The household goods business expanded quickly, and before long, Piraeus International was moving families to every part of the world. As overseas shipping grew, so did the demands of consumers for specialized 220 volt appliances and products.  Baggage Trade took a new turn and now instead of clothing and small electronics, it had evolved into major appliances, furniture, household goods and automobile exports.  To meet the growing demand, Piraeus International became a representative of several major appliance manufacturers.


Competing with other countries was not uncommon for the staff at Piraeus International, as vessels would stop at ports all over the world and making the right deal with buyers was a must when dealing with international sales.   Making the transition from a retailer to a distributor was the insight of the next generation of Piraeus International.  Representing the US manufacturers became a necessity so as to compete with pressure coming from Asia who would offer similar products at lower prices to US export consumers.


The need to be direct with manufacturers also presented Piraeus with the competitive concern of getting the exporters items to the their destination at a viable freight rate. To go along with these shipping demands, Piraeus International acquired various federal forwarding licenses.  These Export Licenses are based on experience, and knowledge of the procedures and process needed to safely export products, while representing the best interests of both the shipper and the US Government.  A US Customs Bonded Warehouse Facility was added to the Piraeus portfolio, making it more competitive in world markets where Foreign Trade Zones are common and beneficial.  This step helped to insure the import of products that the manufacturers could not produce in the US which were necessary to compliment a full product line for the Baggage Trade Consumer.

Piraeus International, Inc. has been one of the largest Export Distributors for Whirlpool, General Electric, Maytag, Amana, Magic Chef & Frigidaire.  Through marketing, product training, and a vast dealer network, Piraeus International, Inc. directly and indirectly provides the best products to the end user leaving the United States for a 220/240 volt country.   

Today, the company is a distributor doing business in the United States and Canada for Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag, Midea, Arctic King, Amana as well as representatives for Sony, Sharp, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Kenwood, Black& Decker,Oster & Hoover for product designed and built for 220/240 volt/ 50 & 60 hertz use.

Currently, Piraeus International, Inc. maintains showrooms & warehouses throughout the US.  Any quotation for  product or shipping needs can be acquired by contacting us directly. We look forward to serving the needs of our export consumers.

Piraeus International