Freight Export Forms And Declarations

Shipper's Export Declarations should only be given to a Federally Licensed Freight Forwarder, OTI, NVOCC, or Federal Government Employee working for the CBP(Customs Border Protection Agency).

A Shipper's Export Declaration is a very simple process and is required by Federal Law. It simply states who is shipping the goods, to whom, from a place, to a place, and what those goods are. A value is simply required by the Department of Commerce for Census and valuation purposes. The description is again, a very simple process of you describing the items you plan to export from the United States.  
A recent new law requires shippers to obtain an EIN Number to export goods from the United States.  Basically only one major thing has changed regarding this form and you the 'shipper' or USPPI as referred to on the form must comply.  You simply you cannot use your social secuirty number as a USPPI (Shipper number) anymore. To protect your identity, social security numbers cannot be used anymore, and an EIN, or foreign passport number can only be used in this section. You can easily obtain an EIN number by going to this link,   We will walk you through the process and in the end, you simply state that this for the export of your items, and you have a permanent number, of which only you may have, independent of your social security number, which doesn’t jeopardize any type of identity theft concerns.  Below is an export declaration you can download, fill out, sign and fax, or email to your assigned Licensed Freight Fowarder.


So lets show you how to fill out a Shipper's Export  Declaration;


Step 1)
Open up the PDF form.
Step 2) In section 1a, Fill your name, address, City, State, zip and telephone number in the United States. This section is called the USPPI or the shipper of the goods.
Step 3) In section 1 b, you will need to fill in your EIN (see guidelines above) or foreign passport number.
Step 4) In section 4 a, you will simply put the name, and address of the receiver (consignee) who will be notified when the cargo arrives overseas.  Make sure you include a telephone number or two, maybe even a cell phone. This is the consignee of the cargo, and they will have to clear customs and make all of the declarations necessary to receive the cargo.  You can be the consignee as well.
Step 5) In section 5, well this is for the Freight Forwarder to fill out his name, license number, and general information.
Step 6)
In Schedule B Area, section 22, you simply can write down in your own terms, what it is that you are shipping.  The Freight Forwarder will assign the required numbers based on your description.
Step 7) Slide over to Section 26, and put a value on your shipment, what you paid, or simply what the goods are worth now.  This is an estimated value for used items, so ask your Freight Forwarder to help you understand how to value your goods.
Step 8)
Go to the bottom of the form, sign it, and once you fax this or email it to the Freight Forwarder, they can make no mistakes with your documents. In fact, without this signed document, they really cannot initiate your shipment on your behalf.  Remember, its your cargo, whether your clothes, automobile, boat, motorcycle, commercial goods, or other items, the ultimate responsibility falls on you. 


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For years, individuals have shipped their most valuable possessions overseas using unlicensed companies. In many cases, these companies neglect filing insurance and leave the responsibility of coverage up to the customer.