Product displays are still one of the unique requirements made by our company and have always been a part of our distribution criteria.
  The belief that product showrooms are the most critical selling point in our markets is also part of the history of our company.  All of the participating dealers that Piraeus International, Inc. supports with products, have come to understand the importance in surviving an ever changing retail oriented market.  In fact, the ones that have been the most successful have been the retailers that committed to product training and display packages for their showrooms.
e make the investment in the Retailer, so the consumer can make his or her investment in them.  Of course, let’s not forget the investment our company also makes in stocking the product, just in time delivery, and one stop handling for our customers.

An internet site that compliments Retailers products with information about their company, history, showroom locations and resources helps make their consumers feel secure in buying from them.  All of our authorized dealers have retail showrooms, and have integrated their needs into a presence on the internet to help them compete in a world market. We do not however support internet based only companies, as they directly and indirectly undermine the retail segment of our market approach.

It has been our commitment to offer Floor plan financing programs for every dealer meeting the minimum requirements.  We find a way to get the product on the showroom floors, and even stay with the participating dealer to help train and promote proper sales technique.  The criteria for the floor displays, has been simple, put the main products and the most the dealer can fit which represent the entire product line to the consumer.  
We believe the key to sales success is to make sure the customer feels as if his or her needs are important enough for the retailer to carry a full line of models, colors, and different type of products for them to see.  Seeing a display, touching the product, opening and closing doors, are the ‘Touch and Feel’ concept  our manufacturers have instilled in our decades of training we have received from them.  Our customers shop early, in fact they may visit showroom floors a year in advance, so as to absorb the type of products readily available for them, and the costs associated with buying them.  Their decision to buy in the United States is a given one, and is usually accompanied by other items such as furniture, automobiles, motorcycles, boats, and other household items not readily available or competitively priced in their country abroad.  The selection, variety, friendliness, and ease of doing business draw them to the merchants. Good old fashion reputation, and referral drive this business.

So, to keep consumers focused on our dealers and their respective displays, we have individual programs for our end users to participate in as well. This helps the retailer and gives them the support and confidence when buying the brand of products we currently carry.  Properly trained retailers, customers, as well as our sales personnel are the only way we can separate fact from fiction when it comes to purchasing 220 volt products in the US with respects to their reliability and durability.  Our goal is and always was to keep the retailers in the US profitable, competitive and up to date on the product that we sell to them.

Our Dealers are our voice and face to our consumers. We trust them, and their sales force to properly display and sell the products we represent.  If you would like to know where to find a dealer for the product you are interested in, please contact us by email or calling us directly.  We can be reached toll free at 1-888-747-4696, or you can email us at

Our Dealer search site will be up and running soon.
Piraeus Sales & Marketing Team